Becoming a Twit

This morning, I got an email from Debi Alper, my editor and cyberfriend (thanks, Debi) who suggested that I should consider going onto Twitter.  I´d already set up this blog and website, linked them to Facebook and The Word Cloud and did all those good things, like you’re supposed to, but had noticed that there’s not a vast amount of intersite traffic; far less than I had expected.  Apparently, according to Debi, it’s because the world is tweeting.  When I first heard about Twitter, I thought it sounded a bit unnecessary.  Why send SMSs on the computer when you can email?  Why would anyone be interested in what I’m doing?  Barack Obama, yes, but me?  Uh-uh.  Frankly, I had never bothered even registering with them and didn’t miss it.  Or so I thought.  Anyway, it seems that tweeting is now what it’s all about so I have succumbed to the inevitable.  Apparently, I am at  Follow me to find out when I’m on the toilet and things like that.

Shopping today for some new threads and suchlike.  I’d run out of PG Tips tea bags and you cannot get them in Lisbon.  You can only get insipid powdery tea in little bags and have to use three to get a good English cuppa.  There are one or two specialist shops that sell loose tea, though, so I am now the proud owner of a teapot and strainer.  Now I can follow the full ritual…warm the pot, leave to infuse for 5 minutes, milk in the cup first, all that good stuff. The result is exquisite!  Still looking for a tea cozy….

Speaking of another English invention, I have also found a good Indian shop so can indulge in my very favourite English food: curry.  I have a theory that the Brits invented  curry because the heat comes from the chili which is indigenous to Central America, not India.  It was the Brits who brought it to India.  Well, it’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.  I believe that David Cameron is negotiating with the Indian government for curry to be declared  traditional English food, in exchange for which India can claim that cricket was invented in India.  Good deal?  I think so.  Perhaps I’ll tweet about it.


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