Going mobile

I spent yesterday tidying up the website and checking the links.  In the process, I updated my entries on Lulu and reduced the prices that they had assigned to hard copy so that I make nothing.  Just a martyr to the cause, me, but it’s my current policy and it should apply to hard copy as well as the eBooks.  So, if anyone wants hard copies of my books, you can access them at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/carvoeiro. Lulu are pretty good for Print On Demand; their books are good quality (rather better than a lot you see in W H Smith) and arrive quite promptly.  I also updated the PDF files on my website and made sure that the ISBNs (given free by Lulu) are correct.  So, it’s all working fine now.

Then I thought about mobile devices.  I had a Blackberry when I was working but only used in for emails.  As a browser, I found it pretty useless.  However, the world has moved on and I know that the entire population of the world has one of the new mobile devices.  Everyone except me, that is; call me Luddite, but I never felt I needed that level of connectivity.  Any road oop, I decided to make sure that the website is accessible to mobile devices by clicking on the goMobi site builder icon on the iPower control panel.  For §1.99 a month it automatically makes the website availabe in a format accessible to mobile devices.  At least, that’s what it says on the tin but I wouldn’t know as I haven’t got one.  If any of you techie  people out there would like to try to connect to http://rogerhardynovels.info/, please let me know if it works.  Maybe it can be accessed by the Kindle  browser as well, which should enable downloads of the PDFs.  Again, if anyone would like to try and let me know, I would be most grateful.

I’ve checked the stats for the website and there have been more than a dozen downloads of the books so far.  Thank you!  Have a good read and let me know what you think.  You can be honest…I have a thick skin!  I only cry at the opera.


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