eBooks on line!

Well, I have never created a website before but had set this week aside to learn how to do it.  The normal advice is:

  •  Get a domain name
  •  Find a host
  • Create a website

However, the world seems to have changed and, actually, it’s now only necessary to find a good host and they will organise your domain name and give you website creation tools, a kind of ‘Websites For Dummies’.  Having got a domain name from Namesco, and then having selected iPower as my host, I found I couldn’t use it as it was pointed to a different server and takes 60 days to transfer. No problem, they said, and gave me a new domain name.

To cut a long story short, what I had expected to take me a week was done in three hours because iPower (http://www.ipower.com/) have some website creation software that makes it so easy to create what you want. It takes an hour or so to understand it but it uses what they call a Weebly drag-and-drop builder.  Really, it couldn’t be easier.  There are plenty of other hosts that provide this one-stop service but iPower have had some very good reviews and I am impressed.  In addition, they have live 24/7 help that doesn’t make you wait for hours listening to The Four Seasons.  I called them on Skype and they were efficient, friendly and professional.

The result of all this is my very interim website at http://rogerhardynovels.info/.  I have added the possibility for free downloads of my books in PDF form as it will be good for exposure.  That’s an excuse for saying that I’m not sure how to charge for them yet, so get them now, while they’re free!

I tried to add the book ‘Flight Into Darkness’ in Kindle format but this was more difficult than I had expected and just provided a load of gobbledegook that only a Kindle can understand.  Never mind, I’ll find a way but I suspect that the only way is to upload it to Amazon’s Kindle website and let people download it from there directly onto their Kindles.

My PDFs were created on Lulu (http://www.lulu.com/gb/), who I use for print-on-demand for hard copy.  It’s easy to use, gives good results, and it’s free.

So, there you have it.  I’m mentally exhausted.  Now, what shall I do for the rest of the week?


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