Flight Into Darkness takes off…again

Well, after a full weekend of frantic revisions as a result of the beta readers´comments, Flight Into Darkness is winging its way, again, to Peter Buckman.  Let´s hope he’s happy with the result.  I’ve managed to incorporate all of his comments so it’s over to him.  Now it´s gone, I wonder whether the title is a bit ‘Biggles’.  Maybe ‘The Al-Muzafara Affair’ might be more appropriate although it’s a bit of a mouthful.  Let’s see.  One step at a time.

Now that northern Europe is in the grip of a cold spell, you might get some satisfaction to know that it is cold here as well.  Ten degrees yesterday and no central heating.  Reminds me of when I was a kid!  I see that UK has had about 10cm of snow and has ground to a halt.  That makes me smile because in Germany, that would barely be noticed.  In Cologne, you can get 30 cm and life goes on.  Now, Cologne is not deepest Germany, it’s a spit away from Belgium, Netherlands and France but gets continental weather.  Still, it doesn’t snow every year.  I remember four consecutive years with no significant snow.

Celeste now has seventeen layers of clothes on and is still complaining.  Time for some hot soup.  Or a tumbler of whisky to celebrate!


5 Responses to Flight Into Darkness takes off…again

  1. Congratulation from the forgotten valley (close to Cologne),
    ww have 14 degrees (but minus) and no snow.
    We hope to see your work in the bookstores soon.

    Claudia and Thomas

  2. Brian Berry says:

    Great news about the book. very exciting. have a tumbler for me.

  3. rogerjhardy says:

    I’m so disappointed that Cologne has no snow! What’s the point in having TWO Freelanders?!! Have another whisky to keep warm!

  4. Naomi says:

    Brass Monkey weather here in Belgium, Tristan not amused, behaves as if is my fault, dogs don’t give a damn. Good luck with the book, am still struggling with the grand rewrite of Champion and not getting very far. Onward and upward…

  5. The point in having two Freelanders is that you can drive with one while the other one is being repaired in a dealer’s garage due to frost damages.

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