2012 – Another chance to get it right!

A very Happy New Year!  I guess it’s another chance for the world to adopt fresh new resolutions and retread a few old ones with the intention of getting it right this time.  Posterity will judge but the optimists will always see the opportunities, whether they meet with success or not.  For me, I need to stop smoking and get back to the gym….oh, and finish the rewrite of Flight Into Darkness, which I hope to have done by the end of January, then it’s off to Peter Buckman again.  Next stop, Hollywood?

OK, I said some rather immoderate things about Christmas and the whole midwinter festival thing but, now that it’s finally over, I have to confess that it has actually been rather enjoyable.  We went swimming at Pintadinho beach on Christmas day and this morning, New Year’s Day, which seems to be an Algarve ritual.  It was fresh, I have to say, but the sun was beaming from a cloudless sky; made me feel quite worthy and, as a bonus, it’s a great hangover cure.  We went out to too many restaurants with friends; some English, some Dutch, Romanian, American, Canadian….very cosmopolitan and great fun.  Amazingly, amongst this small group are two writers, both who have been published (one writes non-fiction), and that makes me the odd man out.  So far….. watch this space!

Have a great new year, one and all!


One Response to 2012 – Another chance to get it right!

  1. Naomi says:

    Happy New Year, Roger – and yes, I agree about the stopping smoking! biggest resolution, get back to writing! I need to update Rogue and send it off to Irene Goodman and this time hope it is successful. all the best!

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