Come on, it’s Friday…

OK, it happened.  I woke Luis up and said ´Come on, it’s Friday…the garden boys will be here.´  Trouble is, it isn’t Friday, it’s Thursday.  God, I hope it  isn’t catching.  I’ll probably start to reminisce about my childhood and spend the entire duration of a film saying´, ‘Oh,’s…you know…the one from that series about the…oh, you know her…’  Sad really, what happens when you get older.

The trouble is that I’ve led my entire life according to a schedule created by someone else and now it’s vaporised.  It’s a little like a prisoner being let out of jail and finding that he doesn’t know what to do and starts banging on the door, demanding to be inside again.  Not that I want that, of course, but it’s a new experience to be faced with a life that has lost its structure and now I can do what I like.  Every day’s a weekend but it’ll take some getting used to.  Do you suppose God intended us to work or laze around like lions on the Serengetti? 

Before boring you with the book progress (or lack of it), a few more impressions of life here.  I have wardrobes full of northern European clothes, coats, jackets, ties, slacks, that I’ll probably never wear again.  Here it’s shorts and teeshirts every day until the winter (that’s a 15 deg C winter) and life is spent mostly outdoors.  The night time is special.  I can honestly say that I was never aware of the night sky in Germany but here I find myself, drink in hand, studying the stars and the phases of the moon.  No pollution means clear skies that are normally cloudless and a deep velvet blue.  Simply trying to work out exactly how the moon works keeps my small brain busy for hours.  It’s a bit like giving an Irishman a can of Guiness with ‘Open other end’ printed on both top and bottom.

Oh, yes.  I’m meant to be rewriting my book.  OK, I said that I wouldn’t start until I had a good visual impression of hero and heroine.  The heroine is Uma Thurman, so that’s easy, she’s perfect.  Hayward is more difficult and front runners are Ralph Fiennes (or one of the other 17 Fiennes clan except Sir Ranulph), Henry Cavill (Tudors and the next Superman) and Rupert Penry-Jones (Spooks).  Personally, I could see RPJ as Hayward but what do you think?


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