The shifting goalposts

Superagent Peter Buckman has now been through the rewrite….and unfortunately it’s still not perfect.  The issues of pace have been addressed but something new has emerged because he´s had feedback from a film director….I´ll repeat that:  A FILM DIRECTOR!  OK, that´s the good news; the bad news is that this noble FD says that the main character is a bit too wimpish and needs to become more of an action man and proactive.  Not James Bond, of course, but maybe Harry Palmer.  Second, his boss is regarded as an interesting underexploited character (female ex-jet fighter pilot) and needs a more prominent place in the narrative.  Number three, the hero´s girlfriend is dispensable and will be replaced by aforementioned lady fighter pilot, leaving aforementioned hero to be a love rat, maybe.  The plot remains the same as everyone seems to like that.

Well, it´s a bit of a pain but…and it´s an important but…the feedback I´m getting now is absolutely invaluable.  Whilst there´s still no guarantee of eventual success, giving the customer what he wants has got to be a good start.  The problem has been knowing what, exactly, the customer wants because in the early submission stages a writer rarely gets any creative feedback from agents.  However, I´m getting it now so have a better idea of what the customer wants; that is, what will work in the market place.  Of course, the customer´s view is entirely subjective and another may disagree completely, but it´s a good start.  So, I need to sharpen my typing finger and get started.  No, not just yet.  I’m going to recreate it in my head before starting.  I always find that gin and tonic helps in the process………..writing can drive a man to drink!


2 Responses to The shifting goalposts

  1. Naomi says:

    Courage, mon brave! think the comments about the lead character might be good, not sure about the love rat bit though, rather destracts from the story. still don’t know how to link to my blog, but it’s if you like reading about me wittering on!

  2. rogerjhardy says:

    Hi Naomi,

    OK, the love rat thing is out. I´ve got your blog on my favorites but maybe you want a link from my blog?

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