Carmen and Les Mis´

OK, the rewrite is well underway, got to page 70 yesterday and today is devoted to it.  Could be finished by the end of the weekend.  It’s more fun than I had expected, adding new bits and weaving them into the old bits like a tapestry. 

Some may think that having to tinker with a novel that had been accepted by a great agent would be a disappointment but I’m not seeing it like that at all.  I like opera and musicals and am reminded of two; Carmen is one of the most popular operas in the repertoire and is usually a sellout, yet, difficult to believe, it was a failure when first performed.  It had great music and a good story but lacked that certain oomph that production qualities bring.  The same with the musical, Les Miserables. First performed in French in Paris it failed and only succeeded when Cameron Mackintosh cast his magic wand over it.   I don’t know whether it’s still running but it’s been a monster success.  Well, Victor Hugo wrote the script.  In both cases, success was achieved by giving the audience what they wanted, not what the writers wanted, but in the end both are happy and that’s why outside objective feedback is so important. 

The moral is that 99% is not good enough; it has to be 100%.  The difference is small but so important; the difference between success and failure.


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