Puggie and News International

Well, Puggie has settled down and joined the real world.  He no longer hisses at the monsters that feed him  but still hasn’t got the idea of what the litter tray is for; he thinks it’s a bed, so he sleeps in it.  For his daily ablutions, however, he has demonstrated a remarkably mature instinct for a moggie who’s only a few weeks old; he craps and wees on the News of the World.  Now, that paper was never good enough even to wrap chips in but the recent revelations about phone tapping have seen it sink to below junk status.  Actually, Puggie was initially reluctant to use it as a toilet because he felt it slightly below his dignity.  In addition, he now regards his foster parents with suspicion, the unvoiced question being: how come there is a copy of the News of the World in my new home?  I thought you were nice people.

Anyway, I think that this demonstrates that a one-eyed kitten has more sense that most of the British public who continue to buy copies of the Sunday comic and allow it to stay in business.  Is such a nation worth saving?


One Response to Puggie and News International

  1. rogerjhardy says:

    Quite right. !!! He’s not the only one with that opinion. Of the news of the world. Is there any good news around.

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