Planting the seed

Saturday and I’m still waiting for the contract; just checked the post and it’s not arrived yet.  I have this feeling of impotence because I now have no control over the process, rather like being in the eye of the hurricane.  To make it worse, it’s raining.  It took a lot of effort to get here and plenty of frantic activity to come but, right now, I have little more I can do except clean the house.

What?  Am I kidding myself?  That’s the problem with dusting – you do it all, then three months later you have to do it all again.  No.  Better than that, I’ll start to think about the follow-on book; that’s like choosing a seed to plant.  OK, here’s the premise: the main character is an air accident investigator.  There’s a crash and it’s suspicious.  In the course of his investigations he uncovers more than he could ever have expected but eventually gets the bad guy(s).  So, it’s a detective story with a twist and each case has to be techie in nature but not so much as to turn off the reader.  When I write, I normally have a clear starting point and direction, then let the characters take the plot wherever.  If I’m lucky, the sapling grows into a healthy tree.  Of course, I have to cut out dead wood now and then, but it works for me.  ‘Flight Into Darkness’ ended up in the hero foiling a dastardly Islamic terrorist plot but the crime uncovered need not be massive or important.

So, a starting point – the accident.  It has to be intriguing.  How about this one:  Christmas Eve on an idyllic airstrip on the Scottish island of Mull.  A man is discussing taking off and landing at night with the aid of torchlight only.  He’s had a few drinks but decides to prove his point to win a bet.  With the others providing the torchlight, he takes off.  A squall comes in.  He never comes back.  Some months later, his body is found on a deeply wooded hillside.  He’d died of exposure but has no other injuries; there is no sign of the aircraft wreckage.  A few years later, the Royal Navy discover the aircraft wreckage in Tobermory Bay.   Interesting, huh?  It’s more interesting because it really happened and it has fascinated me ever since I was told it by the landlord of the hotel on the airstrip in question. 

Any thoughts on this one?  Would it interest you?


3 Responses to Planting the seed

  1. Skylark says:

    I like the idea – intrigue, mystery and based on a real-life event. You’ve got me hooked. Now off you go and write it please 🙂

  2. rogerjhardy says:

    I like it too but it has to be the starting point to a further mystery which will lead to the crime. I quite fancy something to do with the looting of the Baghdad museum. Priceless treasures being shipped back to the US in aircraft bomb bays. A baddie art collector is behind it all. Now, how to link the two together in an interesting way?

  3. Skylark says:

    Sounds like a good starting point 🙂

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