It’s all about names

I always liked the use of the word ‘handle’ as a substitute for ‘name’.  It says it all, really; those two words that sum up a personality, face, friend or foe, author of your favorite books, all that stuff.  When you see Ken Follett on the spine, you know exactly what you are going to get.  

Now, for my dilemma.  My name is Roger Hardy and if you google it, I appear nowhere (I’m working on it….).  The famous Roger Hardy is a political analyst for the BBC World Service and the Guardian:

 He writes on Middle East affairs.  Oh-oh.  Alarm bells.   My novel is about the Middle East.  What’s more, he’s written a book.   Anyway, to cut a long story short, I’m trying to contact him to negotiate.   I could become R J Hardy (like R J Ellory) or Roger J Hardy or whatever and  I guess that the marketplace doesn’t have a problem differentiating between P D James and Peter James.  I’ll let you know.

I spent yesterday setting up this blog (it was a religious holiday here in Germany) and the associated links to/from TWC, WW, Facebook etc.  There was a massive flurry of activity with messages and emails, Facebook prods, the whole nine yards; it was a full-time job and over 100 hits on this blog in one day, though it will simmer down, of course.  Thanks, everyone who took an interest.

Now I really have to concentrate on arrangements for my move to Portugal.  That’s a bugger, really.  With all this going on with the book, I retire in five weeks and have to close down my life here.  My partner is Portuguese and is already over there running our little business, a guest house in Carvoeiro.  Being summer, it’s really busy right now, so I’ll probably be doing the move solo. 

In a strange way, it’s like arranging your own funeral.


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