Flight Into Darkness – the first post-Bin Laden novel?

I thought I’d better post a few words on my current enfant terrible, Flight Into Darkness.  I started writing this last July, before the Arab Spring, so had nervous palpitations when the revoltion started in Tunisia; I was worried that I’d have to throw the whole thing away and start again, but it has actually worked out OK.   The novel is about an air accident investigator who works for an EU agency based in Germany with cross-border responsibilities (so, completely fictitious then…..).  To quote from draft back cover blurb: 

A new light jet disappears over the Saudi desert.  It should have been the safest aircraft in the world so air accident investigator James Hayward is sent to investigate.  What he discovers leads him into web of intrigue and political corruption.  He finds himself alone, pitted against a new brand of terrorist; one that is ruthless, resourceful and organised but with friends in high places.

 Ah, such fun!  It seems to be poised at just the right time.  Let’s hope some insightful publisher agrees.  Fingers crossed!


7 Responses to Flight Into Darkness – the first post-Bin Laden novel?

  1. Debi says:

    Delighted to be the first to say that this is a fabulous book, with all the right ingredients. Can’t wait for the next stage of the journey.

  2. Sue Guiney says:

    I’m happy to call Debi my friend, and yes, i agree — she’s the best. I’m thrilled to hear your good news, and may I be among the first to welcome you to the blogosphere. Hope to see you in cyberspace.

  3. Trafalgar says:

    Hi, Roger. Mine’s a large glass of red wine, please.

    Well done, to both you and Debi, for the hard work you’ve put in so far. Delighted to hear you’ve got an agent and fingers crossed you find a publisher.
    Never give up. Never surrender.



    • rogerjhardy says:

      Many thanks – you’re clearly a gentleman! And surrender is not in Debi’s dictionary. She made me take it out of mine as well…..

  4. Trafalgar says:

    Thanks, Roger, except you’ve got the gender wrong ;>)

    • Roger Hardy says:

      Gentlewoman then…..sorreeeee. It’s just that ‘Trafalgar’ simply conjures up images of sailors, gunfire and collapsed rigging – Nelson telling Hardy to kiss him. You know the stuff. You’re clearly a gentlewoman…no that doesn’t sound tright either. Oh bugger it,. Thanks anyway!

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